Boluwaji ApanpaSenior Manager, Compensation & Benefits, KPMG


    Boluwaji is a Senior Manager in the People Services Group, KPMG. He has about 14 years work experience in providing remuneration advisory services.

    Boluwaji was the Manager on a Group Remuneration Advisory Project for a multinational financial services group with operations in 36 African countries. The project entailed reviewing the remuneration framework and benefits structure, short and long-term incentives, recognition and mobility policy in the different countries and making recommendations to ensure cost-effectiveness and alignment with corporate objectives as well as leading practices Boluwaji participated in presentations of the results to the Board and Remuneration Committee to secure buy-in for the revised pay strategy.

    He has extensive experience in advising clients on Compensation and Benefits matters and has handled engagements in the various areas relating to this.

    Boluwaji has contributed immensely to the writing and publication of the firm’s newsletters on issues relating to rewards, some of which are published in the newspaper.  He has been engaged as speaker/faculty at a reward conference in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Join Boluwaji Apanpa at the session titled:

    “Leveraging Total Rewards Strategy to Drive a Highly Engaged Workforce” (MasterClass)


    As many organizations recover from the negative effect of global economic recession, employees that have endured wage freezes, pay cut, lost bonuses amidst increasing work demands will continue to have high expectations of their Organization by way of increased remuneration and benefits. Beyond financial compensation, employees expect a total reward package that encompasses career growth, learning opportunity and professional development.

    Driving a highly engaged workforce connotes having a highly involved and committed workforce that is always willing to apply personal discretion and sacrifice in achieving business goals.  There is a general view that organizations can leverage total reward strategy to drive employee engagement by identifying the right bouquet of rewards and benefits that appeal to various cadre of their workforce as what drives engagement for each employee differs across board. It is a known fact that a good reward system should motivate employees while aligning their goals with those of the organization.

    This session will provide delegates with the opportunity to gain knowledge and ready to apply strategies in this domain.

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