Joe Abah Former Director General, Bureau of Public Reforms


    Dr. Joe Abah is the Country Director of DAI. DAI is an international development company that works with a wide range of clients, including national and local governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, private corporations, and philanthropies in over 100 countries.

    Before joining DAI in September 2017, Joe was the Director-General of the Bureau of Public Service Reforms in Nigeria. Under his leadership, he emphasised the need for public service reforms to focus on tangible improvements in the lives of citizens, not just administrative reforms. He supported the development of a ‘Structured Mandatory Assessment-Based Training Programme’ for public servants and a new Performance Management System.

    Before his appointment as Director General of the Bureau of Public Service Reforms in 2013, he led several programmes for the UK Department for International Development (DFID) in Nigeria, including the State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness and Capability. Prior to returning to Nigeria in 2003, he worked in various public sector organisations in the UK, including the Prime Minister’s Office of Public Service Reforms and the Audit Commission.

    His academic interest is how organisations in dysfunctional environments can overcome daunting institutional constraints and still function for the benefit of citizens.

    Join Dr. Joe Abah at the session titled:

    “Service Delivery: Winning Strategies for Transforming the Public Service” (Masterclass)


    Service Delivery within the Public Service in this clime is often overlooked and not given much relevance or consideration. This is largely due to the fact that hitherto, service delivery was seen as, or thought to be non-tangible and therefore difficult to measure its impact or the effect it has in operationalizing the public service processes.

    With the advent of technology and social media, Citizens/Customers are becoming more aware of their rights to quality service, and some are actually making such demands. It is therefore important for the Public Service to align its mode of operations with the 21st century global best practice for Service Delivery.

    The Speaker will take a critical look at what currently obtains in the Public Service; how Service Delivery can become an integral part of processes & procedures of the Public Service, including perhaps having a recognized cadre with appropriate professional and soft skills training needed for career progression of staff saddled with this responsibility.

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