Kate BraveryMercer Consulting


    Join Kate Bravery at the session titled:

    “Managing Diverse Talent and Changing Work Dynamics” (Masterclass)


    Every work environment has individuals with diverse talent and abilities. The recruitment, development, retention and motivation of these diverse talents to perform better for the organization is very important in the changing world of work. Management of these talents at each stage from entry to exit require special skills and competencies to make positive impact on the organization and the talents. Talent managers are required to develop the talent management framework and practices needed to produce the most talented employees for their organization to be ahead of competitors. The work dynamics in the present age is in constant flux and very complex. There is constant change in the required skills and use of the skills. Artificial Intelligence (and use of robotics) is one of the major issues in the changing work dynamics.

    This session will look at the processes involved in managing the diverse talents in today’s digitalized world, x-ray the changing world of work, the problems associated with the changes and provide some insights on dealing with diverse talents in the ever changing work environment.

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