Toba OtusanyaDirector General and CEO, Office of Transformation Creativity and Innovation (OTCI), Lagos State Government


    Toba Otusanya is the Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the Office of Transformation Creativity and Innovation (OTCI) Lagos State Government.

    Mr. Otusanya is an accomplished Management Consultant, procurement specialist and HR practitioner. He has a BA (Hons) in Business and Human Resource Management from University of Sussex Uk and Master in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies (MDSS) from the University of Lagos. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) Uk and member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) Nigeria.

    He has over 25 years experience in various fields including project management, procurement, management consulting and human resource management. In his capacity as Director-General-OTCI, he has chaired several technical committees on behalf of the State Government.

    Mr. Otusanya is passionate about HR best practice and was responsible for the introduction and implementation of professional human resource management in the Lagos State Public Service.

    He is a Harward Kennedy School of Government alumnus and a recipient of the CIPM HR Best Practice Award, 2017 and the Presidential Impact Award on Ease of Doing Business, 2017.

    Join Toba Otusanya at the session titled:

    “Linking People Strategy to Business Result: The Human Resource Challenge” (Masterclass)


    The Human Resource function is saddled with the responsibility of implementing the people agenda that will drive business results. However, the people agenda does not operate in isolation, as it must align with the business strategy. Designing and implementing an effective “people strategy” that can deliver business outcome could be challenging but more challenging is how to link the strategy to business result.

    Over the years, HR Leaders have “struggled” to be at the table as they strive to demonstrate the contribution of HR to revenue and the bottom line. Business leaders see HR as a cost center rather than the strategic business partner that contributes highly to driving business outcome.

    How can HR overcome the challenge by highlighting the link between HR functions and business results? This will be the focus of this session as the speaker seeks to provide practical ways of linking People Strategy to Business Result.

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