Uyi AkpataCountry Senior Partner, PwC Nigeria


    Join Uyi Akpata at the session titled:

    “Human Capacity Development: An Imperative for Economic Prosperity” (Plenary 2: Panel Discussion)


    African nations today are in the throes of economic upheaval, and coupled with an averagely young workforce; possess the enabling environment to leverage their capabilities for the growth of the continent. In sub-Saharan Africa, the focus on the triple pillars of human capital development – healthcare, education, and agriculture provides an avenue for governments to improve the economic prosperity of their nations. Nigeria’s vision 2020, aimed at growing its economy into becoming one of the twenty largest in the world while consolidating her leadership role within Africa is one of such programs focused on human capacity development for sustainable economic growth.

    The review of policies and programs aimed at improving the human capacity of Nigeria and the African continent as a panacea to economic growth and prosperity will be the focus of discussants at this year’s Conference. Panel of discussants will provide the human resource community with the focused direction required to develop the capacity in the requisite areas needed to improve and sustain economic prosperity.

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